August 10, 2022

New Blip: Magenta Horizon

Magenta Horizon, from solo dev Maddison Baek under the Hellfire Railway Interactive label, is a sidescrolling actioner with combo-based melee combat. You take on the role of Gretel, an exiled reaper who has spent the last two centuries locked in a sort of purgatory. But one day, she is freed by a man named Archibald, and she decides to help Archibald travel to the sanctuary where she once spent her afterlife... but she'll have the hordes of the underworld to deal with along the way. Gretel has an array of melee abilities available to her from the start, allowing her to chain together combos, juggle enemies, and bounce from one enemy to the next, with health rewards keeping her going to continue the fight. Ranged weapons are unlockable along the way, allowing for some added strategy amidst the fast-paced hacking and slashing. And the whole adventure is set in an insane-looking world filled with strange and grotesque creatures, and huge bosses.

The final game is planned for release on PC in 2023. A demo with the first act is available via Steam and Itch.

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