November 2, 2022

Target Acquired: Depths of Sanity

The submarine-based metroidvania subgenre is a sparsely-populated one, with the only other notable entries being The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human and Song of the Deep... but Bomb Shelter Games is here to change that with Depths of Sanity. You take on the role of the commander of a submarine called The Baroness (not just a sultry G.I. Joe villain any more) who is investigating a deep sea vibration that may be some kind of signal of unknown origin. The game takes place across a large interconnected world divided into themed areas, and you face incredible dangers as you descend into the depths. In order to fight off dangerous sea life and menacing bosses, you'll need to make use of an arsenal of weapons that you unlock over the course of your adventure. The game also features exploration and sees you navigating heavy currents using tow cables and moving through the darkness with only sonar pings to guide you forward... just try not to go insane.

The game is now available for PC via Steam, and it's also coming to Switch and Xbox in 2023.


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