June 18, 2023

Target Acquired: Hazard Saviour

Developer Sinclair Strange is known for creating a number of neo-retro actioners and action-packed game jam entries, and the solo dev's latest release is Hazard Saviour. The game was made for Ludum Dare 53 with a theme of “delivery”, and it takes its inspirations from Crazy Taxi... but instead of driving people through a 3D world, you instead carry passengers on your back as you run through an open world platforming environment. You get a bigger fare based on the distance you travel, and you can build up a combo by blasting enemies, thereby adding to your reward. Money can be spent in shops to buy upgrades and better weapons to make your next dropoff a bit easier. The world is made up of five biomes, each with unique hazards, along with some cute and colorful enemies.

The game is now avaialble for PC via Itch at no cost. Check our coverage here.


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