April 25, 2015

Signal Lost: In the Dark

In the Dark has been left in the dark, apparently, and is no longer on our 2D RADAR. The developer's Twitter page hasn't been updated since 2012 and their website no longer exists. Here's what we originally had to say about the game:

In the Dark | PC, Mac, and Linux | Release Date TBD
In the world of In the Dark, developer Escapement Studios explains why monsters hate the light. For a monster, light is a solid object, and getting caught in direct light traps them and eventually causes them to disappear. However, one monster, a cat/bunny-like creature named Bump, makes use of this quality to navigate the environments and defeat other monsters. As Bump shoves objects around, beams of light can be blocked or broken, allowing him to make progress. He can even run along beams of light as if they were solid surfaces, allowing him to reach new areas while avoiding dangers like swinging lamps and light sources that turn on and off intermittently.


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