December 10, 2016

Proximity Alert: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

It has been pushed back a few times, but the Kickstarter-backed Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, from WayForward, is now less than two weeks away! The game is set to release digitally on December 20 for PC, PS4, Vita, Xbox One, and Wii U, but there are some physical versions on their way as well... the Risky Beats physical editions are coming to PS4 and Vita December 20, with the Wii U version hitting a week later on December 27.

This newest release in the Shantae series will retain the core mechanics of those previous, with Shantae whipping her hair to kill enemies, exploring colorful platforming worlds, and doing the occasional bit of belly dancing. Shantae will use magical animal transformations to explore the land and even return to previous areas to access new paths, metroidvania-style. Like the studio's own DuckTales Remastered, this game features 2D characters and enemies with 3D objects and environments. Check our full preview here, or get caught up with WayForward's other 2D releases with our extensive coverage of those games linked here.


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