December 5, 2016

Target Acquired: In Extremis

In Extremis, from LNDFRR is a vertical shmup with a unique set of aesthetic qualities. The game offers branching paths, allowing the player to select from several possible level choices, each themed differently. For instance, one area sees the player blasting through ASCii characters over a background of computer code, another has the player destroying musical instruments, and another has the player floating through an Electroplankton-style underwater area. Players may spend one level destroying demons and giant slugs, and another taking on teddy bears and cars in a giant toy box. By achieving high scores, the player is able to unlock new weapon types and unlock additional continues. Players may elect to take the game on in Easy Mode for a more casual experience, or crank the difficulty up with Hard Mode for a faster-paced bullet hell experience.

The game is now available for PC via Steam. Check our coverage here.


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