March 18, 2018

Target Acquired: Light Fantastik

Light Fantastik, from Hayali, is an odd platformer with light puzzle-platforming elements. Set in a land where a sickness has transformed everyone into squares with eyes, one square takes it upon himself to trek across the world in search for a cure. There is a light world where everything is clearly visible, and a dark world where things are obscured, and the square must move between both in order to navigate the environment. This is done by pressing against white wavy lines that act as connection points between worlds, and later via teleportation points. When travelling into the dark world, the square can jump considerably higher, but the lower visibility makes it harder to spot enemies and platforms. In addition, controls in the dark world are reversed, adding further challenge to environmental navigation. As the game goes on, the player takes on other forms in the dark world, including a square that cannot stop jumping, and a circle that cannot stop moving.

The game is now available for PC via Steam. Check our coverage here.


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