March 4, 2018

Target Acquired: Snow Fall

Snow Fall, from developer EHTechnology, features a winter-clad warrior dashing through five themed environments (two of which are snowy) in search of an evil being who is capable of destroying entire galaxies. Armed with only a shotgun, the protagonist faces off against some fast-moving foes and stationary enemies that can attack with a distance... and his starting weapon isn't terribly effective against them. However, by collecting materials in the environment, the player can craft more powerful armaments in the form of rifles, machine guns, and lasers, allowing him to tear through enemies more quickly. Most environments are nonlinear, allowing the player to explore in any direction, with materials, checkpoints, and the keys to open level exits often placed off the beaten path.

The game is now available on PC and Linux via Steam. Check our coverage here. I couldn't find a trailer for the game, or a website for the developer, who is based in Russia. So, here's a video of someone else playing the game (in Russian):


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