December 2, 2018

Target Acquired: Speed Brawl

Speed Brawl, from Double Stallion Games, is a speed-based brawler (as you may have guessed from the title) set in an alternate 1888 where the British Empire just defeated an army of insect creatures from the moon... and then enslaved them and made them take part in gladiatorial combat. You take on the roles of these warriors as they smash their way through big bad bugs as quickly as possible in order to earn new equipment and upgrade points. You start with two playable characters - which you can tag into battle at any time - and you meet new characters along the way, eventually giving you six characters to choose from, ranging from a sassy speedster, to heavy brawlers, to a laser-blasting automaton. Each player character has unique abilities, and all of them are agile, allowing them to juggle enemies, do crowd control, and line them up to be destroyed by powerful special attacks. Players can also smash barrels into bad guys, dash-kick them by swinging around poles, and watch for telegraphs that allow them to dodge and unleash powerful counterattacks.

The game is now available on PC via Steam, Switch via eShop, PS4 via PSN, and Xbox One via Microsoft Store. Check our coverage here.


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