July 9, 2019

Proximity Alert: Atma

In Atma, from the self-titled Team Atma, you take on the role of Shaya, a woman who is capable of communicating with the spirit world. Shaya mourns her lost love, Atma, who died but failed to move onto the next realm. Atma instead lies in torment, attempting to reach out to Shaya in hopes that she can return him to the world of the living. To help him, Shaya must speak to Atma's relatives, enter their minds, and steal their memories of him. As the player, you must choose whether you're willing to defy the laws of nature to bring Atma back as you travel through a lush colorful world, fighting enemies, delving into dungeons, solving puzzles, and taking on terrifying monsters.

The game will be released tomorrow (July 10) for PC via Steam.

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