July 23, 2019

Proximity Alert: The Ninja Saviors - Return of the Warriors

The Ninja Saviors - Return of the Warriors, from Natsumi Atari Inc. (the current holder of the long-meaningless Atari brand), capitalizes on the success of Taito's mediocre arcade game entitled The NinjaWarriors, which featured ultra-wide 3-monitor single-plane beat 'em up action at a plodding pace. Fortunately, this forgettable tech demo was superseded by Natsume's superior SNES game entitled Ninja Warriors (with a space and everything), which offered a somewhat more technical experience that more closely resembled the mechanics found in Final Fight, but sticking with single-plane action. Now, the ninja warriors have returned, and they've brought along a couple of new friends, as the game now features five playable android ninjas (three from the SNES game) fighting their way through a dystopian world filled with evil grunts in need of a good smackdown. Go it alone or grab a friend in 2P co-op as you smash your way through eight areas, waves of enemies, and hulking bosses, all presented in hi-rez pixel art.

The game is coming to Switch and PS4 on August 30. Check out the trailer below featuring all five playable characters:

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