February 2, 2022

New Blip: Mina the Hollower

Yacht Club Games, the studio behind the much-lauded Shovel Knight, returns with Mina the Hollower, a top-down actioner presented in the aesthetic style of the Game Boy Color... but with a widescreen presentation and 60fps gameplay. You take on the role of Mina, inventor of a device called the Spark Generator, which has ushered in a golden age for the people of Tenebrous Isle (electricity probably is a big deal to people living on an island literally named after darkness). Mina journeys to the island to investigate what has been happening to the spark generators, and she brings along her trusty whip - called Nightstar - in case she needs to go all Belmont on some creatures of the night. She also gains access to several throwable subweapons, and she can level up to increase her skillset. In addition to her skills as an inventor and whip-wielder, Mina is also a Hollower, which means that she can burrow underground to move more quickly, allowing her to discover treasures and gain the upper hand in combat.

The game is coming to PC and consoles with an estimated completion date of December 2023.

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