February 8, 2022

New Blip: Sondro Gomez: A Sunova Story

Sondro Gomez: A Sunova Story, from Cellar Chateaux and Headcannon (developer of Sonic Mania), is an action-platformer centering around Sondro Gomez and his aspirations to become a musician in the land of Sunova. In struggling toward his big break, he has gotten in deep with a fellow known simply as Masked Man, and to get out of debt, he must find a series of wish-granting orbs that have fallen from the sky. He uses his guitar strings to create a whip-style tool that lets him attack enemies, swing from grapple points, and solve puzzles, which he uses to aid him on his quest. Along the way, he encounters items that grant him new abilities, including a feather that allows him to double jump and slow his descent, claws that allow him to wall jump, and a boot that lets him stomp the ground to defeat enemies and break blocks.

The game is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux on January 2, 2023. A demo is available on Steam.

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