April 5, 2022

Proximity Alert: Bot Gaiden

Bot Gaiden, from SwordSwipe Studios, is an actioner starring ninja robots Robyu and Bytron (no relation to Batman and Robin) on a mission to recover a set of golden skulls stolen by the minions of Giorqio (no relation to Ninja Gaiden's Jaquio). Time is not on your side, as the robotic robbers (bot bandits? mecha-larcenists?) gain more power the longer they possess these skulls. Fortunately, you can also grow your skills by collecting gears, allowing you to unlock such abilities as JumpJet, DashBlade, SlingStar, and eventually HyperSpeed... as long as you don't take damage and get powered down. Finish levels quickly to unlock new attacks and maneuvers. You can even bring along a friend for some 2P bot-bashing action, with speed boosts available to the trailing player to help them catch up during the fast-paced levels, plus tag team attacks for taking down big ole gonzo-sized baddies.

The game is coming to PC on April 22.


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