April 12, 2022

Target Acquired: B.I.O.T.A.

B.I.O.T.A., from Small Bros, is a sci-fi actioner set in the year 21XX. You are in charge of a commando unit sent on a mission to investigate a mining colony located on an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter after communication with the colony is lost. Apparently, some kind of biological agent is running amok and taking control of every living thing it comes in contact with, including the miners, who have now mutated into monstrous creatures... but you may still be able to rescue the scientists and save the investment of your employer, the mining company that owns the mineral rights to the asteroid. Swap between multiple playable team members to shoot your way through the infestation, unlock new weapons, and make use of a number of vehicles, including a mech suit, submarine, and spacecraft. The game offers chunky-pixelly 8-bit visuals with dozens of 4-color palettes to choose from.

The game is now available on PC via Steam and GOG. Check our coverage here.


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