July 11, 2022

New Blip: Chenso Club

Chenso Club, from Pixadome (developers of Hayfever), is a brawler-platformer starring five girls on a mission to save the world from an alien invasion. There's Blue, an android girl with a chainsaw; Carmine, an armored guard with a huge spiked hammer; Plum, a witch who uses a broom casts magical projectiles; Alice, a mountain climber who uses ice axes and a grappling hook; and Molly, a firefighter who tosses globs of water... and grenades! The girls manage to find a way to use the aliens' life force to imbue themselves with great power, allowing them to dash and smash, bounce off of enemies, and perform fast-moving combat maneuvers, leaving colorful sprays of blood and piles of meaty giblets in their wake. Levels are randomized, and players can go it alone or bring along a fellow Chenso girl for offline cooperative obliteration.

The game is coming to PC this summer... and it's already summer ye kin, so... soon!

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