July 5, 2022

New Blip: Toasty: Ashes of Dusk

Toasty: Ashes of Dusk, from Pocket Llama, is an action adventure starring a young Marshmallow Knight named Marshall (yes, Marshall the Marshmallow) who is on a mission to save the world of Geldia from an evil wizard named Llarm (you can't spell "marshmallow" without "llarm"). Marshall awakens in a forest with no knowledge of who he is, but he's carrying a sword and shield emblazoned with the crest of Geldia. As a marshmallow, he is able to make use of his various marshmallowy attributes, such as the ability to squish down to fit in tight spaces, roll quickly along the ground, and set his fat marshmallow head on fire to light torches, solve environmental puzzles, and... run around with his head on fire like Johnny Blaze. Of course, he can also use his sword and shield - and several other items - to fight an array of colorful enemies and boss creatures to become the hero that Geldia needs.

The game is coming to PC, Linux, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox but does not yet have an announced release date.

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