September 3, 2022

New Blip: Vikings on Trampolines

D-Pad Studio, the team behind Owlboy – one of the finest 2D action adventures of the last decade – has returned with Vikings on Trampolines, a game about... er, Vikings (on trampolines). The game offers a single player adventure, local 4P multiplayer, PvP, and minigames. You take on the role of one of four Vikings as you hop between springy trampolines and bouncy balloons attempting to knock your opponents off the edge in Versus mode. Or you can take down enemies and gigantic boss creatures in Adventure mode as you embark on a mission to collect the king's toy animals and rescue the king himself. Minigames offer some variations on basic boing-boinging with bouncy sportsball, competitive balloon popping, and more. Per the studio's pedigree, the game is absolutely packed with beautiful pixel art, stylish character designs, and a punchy soundtrack.

The game is coming to PC soon, but it does not yet have an official release date... but it probably won't be in development for 10 years like Owlboy.

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