September 27, 2022

Target Acquired: Black Witchcraft

Here's a game back from the dead... Black Witchcraft was originally announced for release at the end of 2015, but after it missed that target, and social media updates stopped in 2017, we dropped it from our Watchlist. But Quattro Gear has finally delivered their combo-based action-RPG inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The game features high-rez gothic artwork and some dark and twisted enemy and boss designs. Players control a witch with mechanical legs who carries a suitcase with a big red eye on the side. The suitcase is able to transform into a number of weapons, including a spear and a scythe for up-close action, and it can extend into a minigun for long-range asskickery.

The game is now availalbe for PC via Steam, and it's also planned for consoles... but I don't think that Vita release is still gonna happen.


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