April 7, 2015

News: 3 Games Get the Deluxe Treatment

In the cartridge-based days, it was rare to see anything along the lines of a deluxe edition. Sure, we had Super Mario All-Stars and a kajillion versions of Street Fighter II, but for the most part, the classic games remained untouched, with modern releases appearing only in the form of emulated ports. When a developer did go back to a previous game, it was generally released as an enhanced sequel, such as Super Castlevania IV or Super Punch-Out!!.

But times have changed... Developers have many more avenues through which to distribute their games, and sometimes they want to take advantage of an entirely different hardware set. Here are three games that are getting the deluxe treatment and moving to a new platform in the process:

Curse of the Crescent Isle DX
Lots of great games (and great developers) got their start on Xbox Live Indie Games, although they may have been a bit hard to find. The service originally launched in 2010 exclusively for the Xbox 360, and saw the release of thousands of games in its lifetime. Since then, Steam has become the king of digital distribution for indie developers, and many of the good games from XBLIG have made their way to the new platform. One of these gems, Curse of the Crescent Isle, is coming back as Curse of the Crescent Isle DX. The game is coming for PC, Mac, and Linux and currently has a Steam Greenlight campaign. The original game was already solid, with lots of unique enemies that could be repurposed as environmental navigation tools, but the deluxe edition has improved visuals, a better physics system, and 2P local co-op, as well as boss rush and speedrun modes.

Scram Kitty DX
Scram Kitty DX, from developer Dakko Dakko, has been announced for PS4 and Vita. The game was originally released as Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails, a Wii U-exclusive. The PSN version adds trophy support, as well as an improved Challenge Mode, and online leaderboards. The short trailer (below) shows the game in action with a cat rolling around the edges of the environment and blasting away evil mice on some kid of orbital laboratory. This game has already been released and is available on the PlayStation Store.

Monster Tale Ultimate
Monster Tale Ultimate is coming soon from Dreamrift, a studio founded by the developers of the quirky action/puzzler hybrid Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. The game is a follow-up to the studio's Nintendo DS release Monster Tale, a metroidvania platformer with virtual pet elements, starring a girl named Ellie and her monster pal, Chomp. The original game took advantage of the system's dual screen technology to have Chomp take care of simulator-style stuff on the bottom screen while Ellie took to action on the top screen, occasionally calling Chomp up for support. The new game is coming for 3DS with some visual improvements (and stereoscopic 3D), a new soundtrack, some new rooms, and shortcuts to reduce the amount of backtracking. The game is expected to release this spring.


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