April 23, 2015

Test Flight: Not a Hero

Roll7, the developer behind OlliOlli, is taking their stylish skating mechanics and translating them into stylish shooting mechanics with Not a Hero. The game mixes the face-blasting shooty shooty with a cover system that lets you jump to cover fashionably by diving or sliding into place and dodging enemy fire along the way. Nine non-heroes are available, each with their own weapons and playstyles that promise a different experience when going in with blazing pistols or a swinging katana. Oh, and there's something about a giant purple bunny and political corruption.

The game is headed to PC via Steam on May 7, but you can take a test flight now by downloading the demo from the game's Steam page. Also, preordering the game nets you a free copy of OlliOlli... so vote for BunnyLord early.


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