May 5, 2015

New Blip: The Way

The Way, from PlayWay, is inspired by 2D puzzle platformers like Another World, Heart of Darkness, and Flashback, and it shows in the game’s art style, which features thin characters dwarfed by large detailed backgrounds, and colorful environments that mix the organic with the industrial, and detailed animations. The game begins with a man who has lost someone he loves, and he wants to find a way to bring her back. His journey leads him to an alien planet filled with hostile lifeforms – many of which kill you instantly, as in the games that inspired it – and mysterious artifacts that allow him to teleport and deflect enemy laser blasts. The player must explore the environment, solve puzzles, and survive long enough to find a way to bring back his lost love.

The Way is on its way to PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, but does not yet have a release date.


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