May 12, 2015

Target Acquired: Dex

Developer Dreadlocks presents Dex, an action RPG in a future where artificial intelligence is on the verge of surpassing human intelligence. Your part in this world changes depending on the choices you make and the skills you choose to develop, allowing you to focus your development on stealth, hacking, and/or weaponry. This allows you the choice of avoiding confrontation altogether, using tools to destroy your foes remotely, getting up close to take down enemies silently, or going in with guns blazing and fists flying. The game also takes place between the real world and cyberspace, with the player character inhabiting an online avatar. The RPG focus allows players to equip modifiable weapons and gear, as well as acquire upgrades to give them the upper hand in a hostile world.

Dex was just released for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, and it's coming soon to Wii U and OUYA


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