July 2, 2015

News: They Bleed Pixels - Crimson Update

The folks over at Spooky Squid Games are giving players a reason to return to their Lovecraftian action horror experience with the Crimson Update. First off, the new version of the game is more hardware friendly... The game was originally a PC exclusive, but it chugged a bit on low-spec machines despite its simple visuals. The Crimson Update adds Mac and Linux support and a 60 fps framerate on netbooks and older hardware.

The update also includes a number of new graphics options and increases the blood and particle effects. In addition, the update introduces several new themed bonus levels, as well as some easier levels for the game's new Novice Mode. The game now has enhanced leaderboard support with the ability to record and share your best runs.

If you already own the game, all of these updates come at no cost, or you can always go snag a copy from Steam. For more gameplay details, check our original coverage here. The video below outlines the changes introduced in the Crimson Update, along with some accompanying gameplay footage... and an unfortunate sacrifice:


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