July 16, 2015

Proximity Alert: Tembo the Badass Elephant

Tembo the Badass Elephant is a joint project between the houses of Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog... namely Game Freak and Sega. Sega's platforming pedigree is well established, but Game Freak has some experience here as well, with titles like Pulseman (published by Sega) and Drill Dozer. The game stars, you guessed it, a badass elephant named Tembo who can dash through enemies with his horns, butt stomp his way through skyscrapers, and generally cause massive destruction, for which he earns glowy golden peanuts. Tembo is on a rampage to destroy the evil Phantom Army that threatens Shell City. He does this by bashing his way through tanks, helicopters, and infantry, and destroying practically everything in his path.

The game is coming to PC via Steam on July 21, followed by PS4 and Xbox One.

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