February 28, 2016

Target Acquired: Super Ubie Island Remix

Super Ubie Island Remix, from Notion Games, is an updated and rebalanced version of Super Ubie Land, a browser-based game released in 2013. This is a traditional hop-n-bop platformer featuring colorful world, cartoony enemies, and a green alien creature (Ubie) who has crash landed on a strange planet. Ubie must travel through several themed areas, taking on platforming challenges and defeating huge animals that act as the game's bosses, in order to collect the pieces of his ship and return home. He comes equipped with a red balloon that allows him to glide long distances, which in turn offers up some tough challenges in which he must glide over huge gaps and bop on enemies' heads to stay aloft, and that's to say nothing of the exploding TNT crates.

Super Ubie Island Remix is now available for PC via Steam and is coming soon to Wii U via the eShop. Check our full coverage here.


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