June 9, 2016

New Blip: Moonman

Moonman (game site) is a strange game starring a moonman on a quest to bring light to his world by collecting moon fragments in a procedurally-generated action adventure. His world is surrounded by many moons, and these fragments may be found by exploring caves and tombs, or by killing creatures who have eaten them. The moonman hacks and slashes his way through a number of enemies, equips weapons and armor, and uses items to construct buildings. Adding to the game's odd humor are a number of helmets that cover the mooman's smiling green face with traditional medieval armor, as well as others in the shapes of animal heads, including a cat and a pig. New weapons and armor may be purchased from merchants or forged by blacksmiths, and the moonman is able to find lots of items in the world that can be used and traded, and he can chop down trees and dig for treasure through the fully-destructible world.

The game is coming to PC initially, with Mac and Linux versions to follow, in 2016.

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