June 26, 2016

Target Acquired: Porter

Porter, from kass, is a game that may have slipped under your radar, but fortunately it registered as a blip on ours. This is a bite-sized precision platformer offering 20 short levels and an unlockable Hard Mode, and you can beat the whole game in about an hour (Hard Mode included), provided you still have a quart or two of high-octane moxie tucked deep down inside you somewhere. The game offers a few genre staples - missiles, lasers, crumbling blocks, spike traps, etc. - and some nice handcrafted levels for you to fling your hero at, and the best part (well, not the best part) is that it's a pay-what-you-want title ($1.00 suggested). So, you can hop in, run for your life, and hop back out with little to no investment, and it won't call you names like Super Meat Boy did.

You can grab the game now on Itch.io for PC and Mac, or download the iOS version on the App Store (it's called Jump Porter over there) if tapping is more your thing. For more details, check our coverage here.

No trailer this time because there's literally no video evidence that this game exists. Here's a pretty screenshot though, all greenscale and fuzzy just like the monochromatic CRT gods intended:


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