July 17, 2016

Target Acquired: BOXBOXBOY!

BOXBOXBOY!, from HAL Laboratory, is a sequel to BOXBOY!, which was released last year. Both games are 3DS-exclusive puzzle platforming titles featuring a little white square with eyes and legs who is out to rescue his friends from some unknown threat. The protagonist, named Qbby, is able to generate copies of himself, extending blocks outward from his body, which may then be used as platforms, shields, or even hooks to pull himself up to higher ledges. As players work their way through sets of levels centered around a specific obstacle, such as beams of electricity, spiked conveyor belts, and teleportation fog, before facing off against a final level that combines multiple elements. The main game is fairly easy, but there are lots of optional pickups and unlockable bonus levels that can challenge you well beyond the main game.

The game is now available for 3DS via the eShop, but you should pick up the original game first (also on the eShop). For more details about both games, check our coverage here.


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