August 29, 2016

News: Developer Renegade Kid Closes Up Shop

Renegade Kid, the studio known for the Mutant Mudds series, Xeodrifter, the Moon series, and the Dementium series, has closed permanently. The studio has been on the ropes for a while... In 2014, they broke off from development of Treasurenauts in order to get Xeodrifter out the door to bring in some much-needed cash. Then in 2015, Dementium Remastered released to lackluster reviews and failed to meet sales expectations, putting the studio further behind.

Renegade Kid was founded in 2007 by Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove. Jools was the creative director for the studio and worked previously in the industry on such titles as Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and The Red Star. Gregg was the studio’s art director, and has worked on such titles as Stubbs the Zombie and Vexx.

The duo aren't quitting games permanently, however; they're parting amicably, starting their own labels, and splitting up the studio's IP among them. Jools' new endeavor is known as Atooi, and Gregg's is Infitizmo. Atooi will be the new home of the studio's 2D titles, including the Mutant Mudds series and the still-in-development Treasurenauts. Infitizmo will own the Dementium and Moon series.


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