August 27, 2016

Signal Lost: Cloaks & Spells

Cloaks & Spells has dropped off the 2D RADAR. The game was in development for PC and had a playable alpha build at one point, but the developer's Twitter has not been updated with any new info since 2014, and the website no longer exists. Here's what we originally had to say about the game:

Cloaks & Spells, from developer Ian Sean Menzies, is a game with an old school look and feel. This action adventure game takes place in a dark world filled with monsters and demons, and the player takes on the role of a mysterious character wearing a cloak. The action focuses on melee combat, with a Castlevania-esque whip as your primary weapon, but you have access to magic as well, including a flame spell for roasting enemies and a magical barrier for defense. The game also focuses heavily on exploration and puzzle solving as a means of progression, with no small amount of box pushing and lever pulling to be found.


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