December 15, 2016

Proximity Alert: Rise & Shine

2016 was another great year for 2D game fans, and 2017 is getting ready to kick off with some colorful shooty action from Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team. Rise & Shine is about a kid named Rise and his gun named Shine. All around him a war is raging against the Space Grunts, gigantic musclebound interplanetary soldiers who have invaded Rise's world. But Rise is a sharp kid, and he has a weapon capable of firing of many different kinds of ammunition, including radio-controlled bullets that he can steer around corners, allowing him to defeat enemies, avoid detection, and solve puzzles... and occasionally face off against the Space Grunts on his own. Taking a cue from classic video games, Rise's dilapidated world is filled with life and color, rather than the browns and greys so often seen in modern 3D titles.

Rise & Shine is coming to PC via Steam and Xbox One via Microsoft Store on January 13.


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