December 20, 2016

Target Acquired: Wild Guns Reloaded

The cult classic shooter Wild Guns, from Natsume, has returned with a modern-day iteration more than two decades after its SNES debut. The new game features four playable characters, including Clint and Annie from the original, as well as Doris and Bullet the dog and his hovering drone. While the original game offered 2P couch co-op, the new game boasts 4P online co-op. Also new to the experience are several new stages - but the original levels are in there too - as well as new weapons and bosses. Unlike most shooters, players are positioned in the foreground and move a cursor around the screen to blast away at enemies in a robot-filled Wild West environment, while dodge-rolling to avoid incoming fire.

The game is now available for PS4 via PSN, or as a physical release.


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