August 16, 2017

Target Acquired: 20XX

20XX has just left Early Access and is now available for full-on purchase on Steam. The PC version is live now, and the game is also planned for Mac and Linux in the future.

Batterystaple Games invites you to dust off your blaster and dive into 20XX (previously Echoes of Eridu). The game features colorful fast-paced robot action inspired by the gameplay in Mega Man X, while mixing in multiplayer and roguelike elements. In the year 2045, an online retail computer system becomes sentient and starts a robot revolution that wipes out most of humanity… but it feels really guilty about it, so the AI imbues some of the surviving humans with cybernetic enhancements so that they can fight back. You play the part of one of these cyborgs (or two in 2P co-op), with a heavily modifiable weapon loadout that you can expand by finding blueprints, allowing for a huge array of possible weapons, abilities, and support items. Taking a page out of the Blue Bomber’s handbook, you get new weapons by defeating bosses. The game mixes precision platforming with air dashery and fast-paced combat sequences.


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