August 13, 2017

Target Acquired: A Robot Named Fight

Developer Matt Bitner presents A Robot Named Fight, a game about a robot (named Fight) who lives on a planet inhabited entirely by machines. One day, a gigantic mass of flesh covered in eyes, teeth, and dirty dirty sex organs descends from the skies, dropping its progeny on the mechanical city below. You must defend your world from this invasion of meat in an adventure that mixes metroidvania and roguelike genres. Levels are procedurally generated, but still balanced to ensure that you can access all of the powerups and new abilities you need to move forward, including a double jump, sliding kick, and air dash. You also gain access to weapon powerups that include flame and electrical enhancements, allowing you to burn and electrocute enemies and open electronic and flesh-covered doors. Enemies come in a variety of disgusting forms, from hovering blobs of flesh, toothy intestinal creatures, and fleshy beasts with way too many mouths.

The game is now available for PC and Mac via Steam. Check our coverage here.


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