January 24, 2018

News: Super Meat Boy Has 2P Splitscreen on Switch

Meat Boy has been meating his way around the world since 2010 and has continued to remain relevant among fans of precision platformers, going so far as to inspire numerous entries in the subgenre. Super Meat Boy, from Team Meat, has been released on numerous platforms since its debut, and in 2018, the game landed with a bloody splat on the Nintendo Switch, offering all of the meaty goodness of the original game – minus the original soundtrack, as in the PS4 version – while also adding a 2P Race Mode.

Race Mode pits two players against each other in a split screen race through chapters in the light or dark worlds, or a mixture of both. Players can play through individual chapters, a randomized selection of levels, or the entire game in this 2P splitscreen mode, giving players hundreds levels of insanity in which to best their bestie… or die trying. Multi-level races allow one player to move onto the next level independently of the other, and a meter at the top of the screen shows where each player is in relation to the end goal. Since most levels are designed to be completed in under a minute, this lends itself to short bursts of play, and the game’s instant deaths, high speed, and precise movements mean that any race can be lost in the blink of an eye by a poorly-timed jump.

In case this is somehow your very first time ever hearing about Super Meat Boy, check out our full coverage here.


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