April 12, 2018

Target Acquired: #Breakforcist Battle

Developer Lucid Sheep Games delivers #Breakforcist Battle... and yes, the hashtag is part of the title. The game is a cute Arkanoidlike that mixes your two favorite things: breakfast and exorcism, as you attempt to save breakfast from the forces of evil. In typical genre fashion, you control a paddle that moves along the bottom of the screen and you must break the bricks above, which occasionally dispense powerups. In addition to single-player bacon lasers and waffle busting, you can in bring a friend for co-op, or go up against other players in 4P competitive mode. If that all seems a bit difficult to digest (see what we did there?), then check out the full-on zaniness in the trailer below:

The game is now available on Switch via eShop.


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