April 29, 2018

Target Acquired: Streets of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe

In 2014, Secret Base released Devil's Dare on home computers, and now they've returned with an updated version of that game entitled Streets of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe. The game is a neo-retro beat 'em up with loads of references to movies, television, and video games. Some of the references have been updated with the new release, such as the Golden Axe-themed character tossing his axe in favor of a shovel to sport Shovel Knight-esque look, and the replacement of a xenomorph boss in favor of a demigorgon. The game features four geeky warriors (with two more unlockable) going up against hordes of the undead in 1P-4P co-op, with a roguelike death system that requires payment to stay in the game. Each character has a basic melee combo, but players are encouraged to use special moves to defeat enemies, and string together kills for bigger rewards... and bloodier kills.

Streets of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe is now available for Switch via eShop and PS4 via PSN. Check our coverage here.


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