August 18, 2019

Target Acquired: Electronic Super Joy 2

Electronic Super Joy 2, from Michael Todd Games is a follow-up to Electronic Super Joy and its mini-sequel Electronic Super Joy: Groove City. It features precision platforming set in a stylish world of neon, missiles, cursing, and golden buttocks, as you complete platforming challenges, first person shooter sequences, and a handful of extended boss encounters. The game sees you running left to right, ascending vertical shafts, completing auto-scrolling sequences, and even tossing your mother through laser beams, with even the slightest mistake leading to death. You're aided by powerups that include multiple midair jumps, a sword that lets you dash through the sky, a butt stomp, and an explosive jump... but each powerup only lasts until the end of the level.

The game is available for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam. Check our coverage here.


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