April 7, 2020

New Blip: Necrofugitive

In Necrofugitive, from Black Garden Studios, you take on the role of a shapeshifting villain who has just escaped from prison. Now, you're on the run as guards and bounty hunters relentlessly chase you from the dungeons, through the castle, across the rooftops of the neighboring village, and out into the countryside. In your default form, you use a set of large claws to slash away at your pursuers who wield swords, halberds, crossbows, and bows and arrows, and you can also draw enemies toward you with a whip. But your most powerful weapon is your ability to change forms, and when you transform into the gigantic Slaughter Demon (um, hell yes), you can slash your way through dozens of enemies with ease, and even summon a small army of demons to assist you in your fight... oh, and the Slaughter Demon can breathe fire in case you were wondering.

The game is coming to PC in October of 2021.

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