April 21, 2020

New Blip: Waju

Waju, from Gabriel Priske, is a colorful platformer where you take on the role of a plucky robot as it explores the overgrown landscape of some unknown future. The robot's special ability allows it to jump up and stick to most surfaces, and then kick away from them. This ability is used to climb to higher points in the environment, knock objects out of the way to clear a path, send enemy projectiles flying back at them, and knock into enemies to damage them. The player can even bounce off of enemies and projectiles to use them as platforms and reach higher areas. Players must be mindful, however, as some objects - like drill bits - will hurt if they to grab them. Throughout the adventure, the robot earns new abilities, such as an air dash, to aid in combat and environmental navigation. The game features some lovely artwork, charming enemy designs, and cartoony animations, with a mixture of 2D environment art and 3D characters.

The game is being developed for PC but it does not yet have an announced release date. A demo is available on Itch.

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