May 19, 2020

New Blip: Street Cleaner: The Video Game

Street Cleaner: The Video Game, from Creaky Lantern Games, is a retro style actioner starring Jack Slade, a motorcycle-riding badass who walks the streets of San Diego delivering vigilante justice the only way he knows how: with a gun and a baseball bat. You smack the bejeezus out of thugs, street punks, ninjas, menacing machinery, and... a giant squid!? The game features a reduced color palette with gritty visuals that hearken back to the NES era, but with a higher resolution, parallax scrolling, and slicker animations. The action takes place across seven stages filled with baddies, bosses, and environmental hazards in the form of fire pits, conveyor belts, and rows of electrostatic generators (because 1980's).

The game is coming to PC this fall.

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