May 24, 2020

Target Acquired: BIOMASS

BIOMASS (not to be confused with Biomass, a completely different game on our watchlist) is the latest from BRAINOS, the developer behind Saving Princess and Space Cortex. The game is a short metroidvania centered around the theme of degradation. Everything breaks down the more it is used... your gun's ammo capacity drops the more you shoot it, your armor becomes less effective the more damage you take, and even the bio-printer that created you breaks down a bit each time you die and need to print a replacement body. With the odds stacked against you, you make your way through a space station, battling the ever-growing biomass that is consuming all life, in the hope that you can wipe them all out before run out of chances.

The game is now available for PC via Itch, and it's also planned for release on Android at a future date. Check our coverage here.


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