February 11, 2021

New Blip: Kitsune Tails

Kitsune Tails is the result of a collaboration between Kitsune Games (Super Bernie World) and MidBoss LLC (2064: Read Only Memories). This is a game about Japanese mythology, a love of Super Mario Bros. 3, and diverse gender relationships. You take on the role of a fox-eared, purple-haired, puffy-tailed kitsune girl who sets out on an adventure through a colorful world. Along your journey, you'll hop across platforms, bop enemies on the head, and make use of costumes that change your abilities... including a shark, a dragon, a ninja, and even an outfit that looks very much like Kuribo's shoe. You'll explore five themed worlds and numerous haunted houses, facing off against enemies and bosses, and picking up objects and enemies to overcome environmental challenges.

The game is coming to PC, Linux, PS4, and PS5 in Winter of 2022.

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