February 8, 2021

New Blip: 玄女诛魔录

玄女诛魔录, or Xuán Nǚ Zhū Mó Lù, is a metroidvania from developer 青岛三脚猫工作室 (Qīngdǎo sānjiǎo māo gōngzuò shì). You take on the role of a demon-slaying warrior goddess known as Jiutian Xuannü as she travels through six themed worlds searching for the answer to an ancient mystery. The game features hand-painted art and animations, paired with flashy effects that add life to the action. Jiutian Xuannü is a capable heroine who can dash, double jump, and climb through the environment, and she uses her sword and magic spells to fight dozens of demonic enemy types and boss creatures. She can perform combos to slash her way through enemies and obstacles, or use balls of flame to hit targets at a distance, and she meets NPC's that aid her in her journey.

The game is now available for PC via Steam Early Access.
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