July 9, 2015

New Blip: The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, from YCJY Games, features a submariner travelling through the gloomy and desaturated world beneath the ocean's surface as he explores the ruins of civilization following humanity's extinction. In this metroidvania adventure, the player pilots a hybrid spaceship/submarine and attempts to determine what happened to mankind, all the while fighting off creatures of the deep, including large bosses. The underwater theme comes as a result of ocean levels rising due to climate change, as well as a number of other issues facing the human race in the 30th century. The submarine comes equipped with a harpoon as its primary weapon, and players earn upgrades as they explore the environment - including torpedoes, thrusters, shields, and even a chainsaw - allowing them to deal with stronger enemies and push their way farther into the depths.

The game is expected to release for PC on Steam later this month (July), and a demo is currently available via the developer's website.

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