July 8, 2015

Proximity Alert: Odallus: The Dark Call

After two years in development Odallus: The Dark Call has an official release date. Developed by Joymahser, creators of the fantastic retro actioner Oniken, Odallus is coming to PC via Steam, Humble Store, and GOG July 15.

Odallus: The Dark Call fits comfortably into the Metroidvania genre, featuring action with a deliberate pace, a focus on exploration, and ability-enhancing powerups as the primary means of progression. You begin your adventure equipped with a sword that allows you to slash while standing, running, jumping, or ducking. In addition to the usual slaughtering of thine enemies, it can be used to destroy blocks and incoming projectiles. You also have a variable height 2x jump, a ledge grab, and the ability to push medium-sized blocks.

A number of secondary projectile weapons are available as well, which can be gained by opening treasure chests. These include a torch, an axe, and a spear. Secondary weapons have limited uses, and a maximum number that can be carried at any given time, although your maximum allotment can be upgraded by finding larger weapon bags. As in the traditional 8-bit Castlevania titles, secondary weapons are used by pressing UP and ATTACK rather than being assigned to their own button. Check out our full preview here.


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