July 23, 2015

New Blip: Super Rad Raygun

Haven't heard of Rad Raygun? That's probably because you missed out on the wild playground of indie development that was known as Xbox Live Indie Games. Fear not, true believers, because the best games of XBLIG have been slowly and surely making their way to Steam, often with enhancements... such as Super Rad Raygun from TRU FUN Entertainment. The game is a love letter to handheld gaming and the glorious and terrible Reagan era that taught kids to hate Russkies and love hair metal. In this game, you play the part of an anthropomorphized Game Boy with a Mega Man-style arm cannon (among many other Mega Man influences). The game's progression and ability upgrades are tied to a battery system, allowing the player to earn new environmental navigation abilities and increase his firepower... but the player must balance this, as beefing up one power takes away from the others, and it's possible to drain your batteries too quickly and leave yourself defenseless. Fortunately, players can adjust these settings at will. Expect loads of video game and general 80's references

The game is coming to PC via Steam this summer.

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