March 4, 2017

News: A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV is Now Free

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV was originally released as a preorder bonus for Final Fantasy XV, being published by Square Enix and developed in partnership with Empty Clip Studios, Powerhouse Animation, and Mirum Studio. Despite being a preorder incentive, the game was just released for free for PS4 via PSN and Xbox One via the Microsoft Store. The game is a prequel to the events of Final Fantasy XV, with King Regis narrating the events to his son Noctis as a bedtime story, complete with some unspecified embellishments. More than a throwaway bonus, the game is a highly strategic beat 'em up, requiring players to constantly change up their tactics as they face off against a number traditional Final Fantasy series enemies, including cactuars and behemoths. Players can also use series-familiar elemental magic in the form of fire, ice, and lightning, as well as call on Regis' companions - Weskham, Cid, and Clarus - to aid him in battle.

We have, of course, given the game a play and have our coverage here.


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