March 22, 2017

Signal Lost: Grapple Knight

Lovers of grapple-based games have had to deal with years of disappointment and a slow draw from a shallow well... and yet another game has lost its grip and fallen into the abyss. Grapple Knight showed a lot of promise as a retro-styled grappler, but the developer's website has vanished, their Steam Greenlight page still shows an expected release of 2014, and their final tweet was our own announcement that their game had been added to 2D RADAR... and that was in 2014. Comments on the Kickstarter page consist entirely of people trying to get the developer to respond or refund their money. Thanks to one of our readers for the tip on this deceased game.

Here's what we originally had to say about the game:
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… The world needs more grapple-based action games! Red Knight Games steps in to assist us with our goal/fantasy with Grapple Knight, an action adventure game featuring an axe-wielding knight who can swing through the environment and pull himself toward enemies with the use of a grappling hook. As you play, you unlock new abilities to assist you in your adventure. The game is inspired by classic 16-bit games and features colorful environments, numerous enemies, and the occasional boss creature.


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